Southeast Idaho Snowmobile Trail Maps


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Montpelier Snowmobile Map  
Southern Bear Lake - Preston Snowmobile Map
Northern Bear Lake - Preston Snowmobile Map  
Pocatello - Mink Creek Snowmobile and Nordic Skiing Map
Portneuf Range - Inkom/Lava Snowmobile Map
Cottonwood - Downey/Swan Lake Snowmobile Map
Malad Snowmobile Map
Blackfoot - Bone & Wolverine Snowmobile Map
Southern Soda Springs Snowmobile Map
Eastern Soda Springs Snowmobile Map
American Falls - Sublett Area Snowmobile Trails

Soda Springs Eightmile Snowmobile Map Upper Bear Lake & Preston Snowmobile Map Sublett Area Snowmobile Trails Montpelier Area Snowmobile Map Soda Springs Snowmobile Map Blackfoot Area Snowmobile Trails - Wolverine & Bone Malad Area Snowmobile Trails Downey - Swan Lake Area Snowmobile Trails Portneuf Range Snowmobile Trails Pocatello - Mink Creek Snowmobile and Nordic Ski Trails Preston &  Bear Lake Area Snowmobile Map

Idaho laws prohibits the use of snowmobiles on public and National Forest roads which are plowed and maintained for use by four-wheeled vehicles. Our maps show many of our main ungroomed trails but most PUBLIC unplowed roads can be used by snowmobiles. All coordinates on our maps use NAD83 for use with your GPS unit. Maps are in Adobe PDF format.

Interactive Map of Snowmobile Trail Heads

Snowmobile Trail Descriptions

Bear Lake - Fish Haven/St. Charles Snowmobile Trails
Beautiful Bear Lake has a network of 350 miles of groomed trails and has extensive additional mileage in marked, ungroomed trails. Changes in elevation offer terrain varying from mountainous to open meadow. Off the groomed trails, you can seemingly ride forever in wide open places or climb the mountains for a spectacular view of Bear Lake and the surrounding hillsides. The St. Charles-Fish Haven Loop is one of the most popular in the area. Other trails include: Paris; Mink Creek; Bloomington; Georgetown - Montpelier Loop; Crow Creek; Stump Creek; 8 Mile Meadow Creek; and Ant Canyon. Several parking areas make the trails easily accessible.


Preston Area Snowmobile Trails sport groomed trails that connect to the Bear Lake Snowmobile Trails. Some riding areas include Cub River Canyon, Paris Meadows, Midnight Mountain, Green Basin with a very nice warming cabin, Copenhagen Basin, Egan Basin, Franklin Basin, and Whites Canyon.  Great snow, competition type hill climbing, or a great scenic ride along the river or ridge line.


Soda Springs Snowmobile Trails

This area has more than 250 miles of trails on forest service land through scenic forested mountains and onto the powdery valley floors of Soda Springs. Visitors can also view the unique water geyser that throws water more than 100 feet into the air. Warming huts, restrooms and parking areas are available. There are 17 trailheads between Montpelier and Soda Springs Districts alone, with no crowds and no fences!


Pocatello Area Snowmobile Trails
The Bannock County grooming program maintains 250 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Bannock, Power and Caribou counties. The two main areas are Scout Mountain-Mink Creek area and the Inman-Pebble-Toponce area. One warming shelter and parking is available at each.


Portneuf Range - Inkom/Lava Snowmobile Trails
These trails feature spectacular views of Mt. Bonneville and the Portneuf River area near Lava Hot Springs. Tour hundreds of miles of groomed trails through uncrowded forest terrain. Natural hot water pools welcome winter enthusiasts after a long day in the cold. Visitors can find local accommodations and a variety of snowmobile activities from this central resort location.


Blackfoot - Bone & Wolverine Snowmobile Trails
This trail is part of the Bone trail system, a 200-mile network of trails in the area southeast of Idaho Falls and northeast of Blackfoot. Wolverine Creek Snowmobile Trail connects to the Long Valley Snowmobile Trail northeast of Blackfoot.


Malad Area Snowmobile Map
Snowmobile trails course across hundreds of miles of wide open space as they lead travelers through this snowy valley or onto groomed trails along mountain ridges and rolling hills. This winter area, located on the Idaho/Utah border is easily accessible from Interstate 15. Local facilities provide visitors with cozy lodging after a day in the powdery playground.


Cottonwood - Downey/Swan Lake Snowmobile Map
This groomed trail is east of Downey and Swan Lake in southern Bannock County.

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