Southeast Idaho Fishing Lakes and Reservoirs

The Idaho Fish & Game Fishing Trailer will be travelling all over southeast Idaho during the summer!  It is equipped with fishing gear for use by the public for free, they provide fishing instruction to those that need it, and if you register at the trailer— no fishing license is necessary!! 

Get Idaho Fish And Game Permits & Fishing Reports.

Idaho Fish & Game Southeast Idaho Fisheries Brochure (page 24) has more information about species, launching facilities and fishing rivers.

Map of Idaho Fishing Spots!

Hint: After clicking the button above click on the "Outdoor" tab then on"Fishing".
Click on the markers for the reservoir name to see details and get driving directions.

Southeast Idaho Lakes & Reservoirs

  1. Alexander Reservoir
  2. American Falls
  3. Bear Lake
  4. Blackfoot Reservoir
  5. Chesterfield Reservoir
  6. Condie Reservoir
  7. Crowthers Reservoir
  8. Daniels Reservoir
  9. Deep Creek Reservoir
10. Devils Creek Reservoir
11. Dike Lake
12. Foster Reservoir
13. Glendale Reservoir
14. Hawkins Reservoir
15. Johnson Reservoir
16. Kelly Park Pond
17. LaMont Reservoir
18. Little Valley Reservoir
19. McTucker Ponds
20. Montpelier Pond
21. Montpelier Reservoir
22. Oneida Narrows Reservoir
23. Oxford Reservoir
24. Pleasant View Reservoir
25. Rose Pond
26. Springfield Lake
27. St. John’s Reservoir
28. Treasureton Reservoir
29. Twenty-four Mile Reservoir
30. Twin Lakes
31. Weston Reservoir
32. Winder Reservoir
33. Wiregrass Reservoir
34. Edson Fichter Pond
35. Jensen Grove Pond

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